Notre chocolatier dans le New York Times

Notre chocolatier Guido Gobino a eu les faveurs du New-York Times


Guido Gobino, notre chocolatier turinois, a eu les faveurs du New-York Times. L'article est visible ici.


 Morceaux choisis :


"Mr. Gobino travels the world to sell his products: just before the Olympics, he was promoting his chocolate in Japan. He pays attention to the international single-origin chocolate craze, though he thinks the future will return to blends of beans as supplies of fine cacao grow short. Unlike the city's other chocolate-makers, he makes his own couverture for filled chocolates and high-quality bars, which requires the addition of cocoa butter and refining, in expensive machines, as chocolate for giandujotti does not. Besides giandujotti, his signature products include "amarissimi," disks of bitter chocolate mixed with ground cocoa nibs, and nubs of chocolate-coated ginger.


In giandujotti, Mr. Gobino made his name with the milkless, mini-sized "Tourinot," which has probably the fruitiest flavors and the darkest-toasted nuts of any of the city's elite competitors. Gobino uses only Piedmont hazelnuts, the world's most expensive (almost all other industrial makers use Turkish hazelnuts); one of the five growers Mr. Gobino buys from is his father-in-law."


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